Sölvesborg Debuts One of Sweden’s Most Extensive Solar Parks

Svea Solar Spearheads Major Renewable Energy Milestone with Inauguration of Vast Solar Park in Sölvesborg

In a significant stride towards renewable energy, one of Sweden’s largest solar parks was recently inaugurated near Sölvesborg in Blekinge. This state-of-the-art facility is expected to significantly bolster energy production in southern Sweden, a region with a high demand for electricity. The project is a collaborative venture, spearheaded by Svea Solar, a leading solar energy company, alongside Bixia, an eminent electricity company, and Vida, a renowned sawmill conglomerate. Together, they are setting a new benchmark in sustainable energy solutions.

Inauguration of one of Sweden's largest solar parks near Sölvesborg. It represents the theme of renewable energy and solar power

Sölvesborg Shines: Unveiling Sweden's Latest Solar Power Marvel

The newly inaugurated solar park near Sölvesborg is expected to generate 19 GWh annually, which is roughly the amount of electricity used by about 3,800 households each year. This development is particularly beneficial for southern Sweden, a region grappling with both a shortage of power production and high energy demands. The park, located in the „SE4“ electricity area, is situated in one of Sweden’s regions facing the highest electricity prices, making this a strategic and impactful initiative.

Svea Solar Leads the Charge in Renewable Energy with New Solar Park

Svea Solar, the owner and operator of the newly launched solar park, has entered into a strategic partnership with Vida, a prominent sawmill conglomerate. Vida will purchase electricity from this solar park through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Bixia, an electricity company. This arrangement, which involves a fixed-price contract, ensures a stable and renewable electricity supply for Vida, aligning with sustainable energy initiatives.

Pontus Skog, Head of Development Solar Parks at Svea Solar, notes a growing interest in long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) among Swedish companies. He finds it encouraging that more firms are opting for such agreements, as they are instrumental in promoting the expansion of large-scale solar parks and boosting renewable energy production. Skog emphasizes that solar parks are the quickest way to increase renewable energy, and PPAs significantly hasten the development of large-scale solar power.

Erik Dahl, Deputy CEO of Vida, expressed satisfaction with the inauguration and operational status of the new solar park. He highlighted the importance of this development in reducing their climate impact and electricity costs. By securing a portion of their electricity needs through a 10-year power purchase agreement with Bixia, Vida can ensure more predictable electricity pricing. Dahl emphasized that using solar power for their operations is a crucial step in their climate strategy.

Magnus Reitersjö, Deputy CEO of Bixia, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Vida, a sawmill conglomerate with high climate ambitions, to boost solar energy in southern Sweden. He emphasized the importance of locally produced renewable energy in the green transition. The solar park, whose construction began in autumn 2022, is now fully operational, marking a significant achievement in the region’s renewable energy landscape.

The inauguration of the solar park was a significant event, attended by prominent figures such as Arne Bogren, Chairman of the Municipal Council in Sölvesborg; Kith Mårtensson, Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee; and Heléne Björklund, Member of Parliament from Sölvesborg. Additionally, key representatives from the collaborating companies, including Magnus Reitersjö from Bixia, Erik Dahl from Vida, and Pontus Skog from Svea Solar, were present to mark this milestone.


As we reflect on the inauguration of one of Sweden’s largest solar parks near Sölvesborg, it’s clear that this project is more than just an energy solution; it’s a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of sustainable innovation. The collaboration between Svea Solar, Bixia, and Vida not only showcases the potential of renewable energy but also sets a new standard for corporate responsibility in the face of climate change. The park’s ability to meet the energy needs of thousands of households while reducing carbon emissions is a significant step forward in Sweden’s green journey.

Looking ahead, the success of this solar park serves as a blueprint for future projects, both in Sweden and globally. It highlights the importance of local and large-scale renewable energy initiatives in the fight against climate change. As more companies and communities embrace this model of sustainable development, we edge closer to a future where green energy is not just a choice, but a cornerstone of our everyday lives. This project in Sölvesborg is not just a triumph of technology; it’s a bold statement of our collective commitment to a cleaner, brighter future.

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